Stream Restoration

In recent years, Stuckey’s, LLC was invited to bid a Stream Restoration project on Warren Ranch, which we had not done before. As it turns out, it ended up being the first one in Texas, and the largest in the United States. Stream Restoration is a process which involves returning a damaged wetland area back to its original state before farming and ranching activities made destructive changes in order to gain more usable ground. Because of these changes, the native wetland and prairie grasses were devastated.  

In the restoration process, we are reestablishing the stream bed to its original status and re-vegetating the area with native seed. We are installing an erosion control mat along with the seed to help hold the soil in place until the native vegetation can take hold. We are also re-establishing trees along the stream bed that are native to this area, which will enhance all wildlife that dwells in the area. 
This is a long-term project for Stuckey’s, LLC, with many phases and other projects to come. We are excited that we can be a part of restoring the habitat back to the way God created things!